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Donna has been advocating for the rights of children since 2007. She was elected as President of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children in April 2008 in efforts to end child abuse.
On February 13, 2015 - Donna announced her resignation as Dreamcatchers President. Donna has been with the organization since 2007 as a volunteer before being elected President in 2008. She contributed to much of Dreamcatchers growth and presence.
However, Donna will never stop advocating for children. She works with a small group of men and women in her community advocating for the right of children. For more information, visit their website HERE!! Also, "LIKE" Donna's Advocacy page on Facebook HERE!!


* Mandated Reporter

Training Title: Mandated Reporter Web-Based On-Line
Trainee: Donna Kshir
Date: 7/26/2014 10:43 PM
Score: 10/10 (100%)

- Certified by the New York State Office of Children & Family Services - July 26, 2014


 * Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

This program is approved for 2 contact hours of continuing education by:
The National Association of Social Workers (Provider ID #: 886458319-2357)
The National Board for Certified Counselors ( ACEP # 6635)
Texas Department of State Health Services Provider # YC11-0063 for Youth Camp
-  Certified by Darkness to Light
* Child Protection Awareness Training
 The NSW Department of Education and Training requires any person who has a role in working with children and young people in government schools and TAFE colleges in NSW to participate in an initial child protection induction.

The Professional Learning and Leadership Development Directorate is pleased to present Child protection awareness training (CPAT).
* Intimate Partner Violence Training
Intimate Partner Violence: A Pediatric Issue? With instructor Jonathan Thackeray, MD 
 (Course ID: NCAC-OT-025)
– National Children's Advocacy Center
* Investigating Strangulation 

The Institute offers a variety of San Diego-based, on-site, and online webinar-based trainings for all family violence and sexual assault professionals. 

Attendees of our trainings learn how to: identify the signs and symptoms of near-fatal strangulation cases; understand and recognize the anatomy and medical aspects of surviving and non-surviving victims; investigate and document cases for prosecution; prosecute cases, including using experts in court; and, most importantly, enhance victim safety through trauma-informed advocacy services.

 - Strangulation Training Institute

Donna's training via National Children's Advocacy Center:


Victim Assistance: Preparation and Support for Children in Criminal Proceedings 

Prevention: The Ultimate Victim Advocacy

Using Solid Research to Enhance Your Communications Program

Pornography: The Pink Elephant of Prevention

The Medical Evaluation for Sexual Abuse - What MDT Members Need to Know

The NCAC Extended Forensic Model: Rationale and Key Components

Prevention of Poly-victimization

Understanding How Social Networking Sites Are Used

Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do - Resilience in Those Who Experience Childhood Abuse

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Sexual Behavior

The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free

Poly-victimization Among Children and Youth with Disabilities

Poly-victimization - Childhood Exposure to Multiple Forms of Victimization

Strengths-Based Trauma-Informed Services

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations

Interviewing Victims of Violence and Homicide - Understanding Homicide Through the Eyes of a Child

Friend Me: Why Facebook, Twitter and Social Networking Matter to Your Organization

Interviewing Bilingual, Non-English Speaking, and Limited English Proficient Children

Overcoming Barriers to Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse

Patterns and Trends in the Online Victimization of Children

Children's Advocacy Center: A Model for Improving the Systems Response to Child Abuse

Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality

Abusive Head Trauma Evidence - Admissibility at Trial

Intervene - Identifying and Responding to America’s Prostituted Youth

Child Development 101

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children 101

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten - Readiness Activities and Skills for Success

50 Shades of the Impact of Pornography

Caught in the Crossfire - How the Abuse of Animals Co-Occurs with Family Violence

"I Just Knowed It": What Can We Expect From Our Youngest Witnesses?

Are Children in Therapy More Likely to be Poly-victims?

Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality

Exploring the Vulnerabilities of LGBTQQ Youth: An Open Discussion

Helpful Information for Professionals: Adolescents Who Sexually Abuse

How to Develop Effective Messages and Get Them Covered by the Media

Managing Vicarious TraumaPromoting Sex-Wise Parenting: The role of intra-family sexuality education in keeping kids sexually safe and healthy

Rethinking Sexual Violence Prevention: Innovations With Bystanders, The Internet and Youth Serving Organizations

​Safety Planning for Domestic Violence - The VIGOR and other family-centered approaches

The Foundations for Understanding Vicarious Trauma

 Creating a Trauma Informed Multidisciplinary Team

Declining Rates of Child Sexual Abuse and What This Really Means
Drug Endangered Children
Creating Treatment Models for Poly-victimization
Consensual But Unlawful
Crawford for Interviewers
Trial Strategies in Child Protection Cases
Collaboration, Consistency and Cultural Competency
Children's Advocacy Centers Safety Assessment
 Engaging Resistant Caregivers in the TF-CBT Treatment Process
Forensic Interviewing of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims at Children's Advocacy Centers
How to Assess Poly-victimization in Your Work - Approaches & Tools
Winning in Court - Taint and Crawford, The Dual Dilemma
Working with the Non-Offending Caregiver

Human Trafficking: The Three P's: Protection, Prosecution, & Prevention

Best Practices in the Treatment of Abused Children and Their Families

The CPS Worker: Making a Case for Safety

Memories Hold Hands Webinar

Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children: Internet Lures and the Dangers of Social Networking Sites

Memories Hold Hands: Understanding Historical Trauma and Unresolved Historical Grief in American Indian / Alaska Native Communities

 Intimate Partner Violence: A Pediatric Issue?.

Shattered Heart: When Adolescents Sexually Abuse Within Their Family
Providing Leadership in a Multidisciplinary Environment
Burns in Pediatric Abuse
Child Abuse Investigations in Meth Lab Cases
Opening Statements and Closing Arguments in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

How to be a Super Witness

Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children: Internet Lures and the Dangers of Social Networking Sites


                                                          Advocacy Work


Donna was the President of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children in April 2008 to
February 13, 2015.
In 2010, Donna was nominated for her hard work and efforts. Award-winning author and child abuse advocate Donna Kshir has been nominated for the Rare Life Award 2010. Voting takes place online, and anyone may cast a vote for her. The Rare Life Award nominees are heroic, show courage, leadership, dedication, devotion, character, survival skills and inspire others to make a difference. Some nominees make an impact globally and others in their own little corner of the world, but all nominees have one thing in common. They lead rare lives.

Kshir was nominated by author, radio talk show host and Canada Regional Director of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, Laurie Ann Smith of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Donna Kshir is my hero and she leads a very 'Rare Life,'" Smith wrote. "Donna and I met a year ago and she has impacted my life and the lives of everyone she meets in so many ways. Anyone who meets Donna or happens to, by some circumstance, become acquainted with Donna is a changed person.

"She has the 'Rare' gift of making people feel special, helping people see their own gifts and talents, and Donna always puts others ahead of herself which is very 'Rare' in this world.

"Donna Kshir is a published author. She has written and co-authored several books to promote awareness and education regarding the issues of domestic violence and abuse and child abuse. Her new focus and passion is writing books for teens that will allow them to understand the dangers of teen dating violence... and help them know that there is help available and to reach out and get help if they are in an abusive relationship.

"Donna Kshir is also the president of Dreamcatchers For Abused Children. Donna is a mother, a wife and an advocate, speaking out against child abuse and standing up to protect children's rights.

"I truly believe that Donna Kshir leads a 'Rare Life' and deserves to be acknowledged and noticed for all she does to help so many people every day. Donna has not only become like a sister to me, she has encouraged me to go beyond what I perceived my own capabilities to be, and encouraged me to become a writer.

"Donna has given so much to everyone she knows, in her own family, her community, and nationally with Dreamcatchers For Abused Children, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness and education to prevent and stop child abuse.

"Donna spends hours volunteering with the organization and works tirelessly to try and secure funding for Dreamcatchers For Abused Children which would aid in our ability to get the programs started to make even more of a difference in the lives of children nationwide, North America-wide and worldwide!

"Donna gives of herself, her talents, her gifts and abilities to make this world a better place for everyone, and Donna Kshir is my hero and truly leads a 'Rare Life.' May we all strive to be more like her."

Award winners will receive a reception in their honor, and a $10,000 donation will be made to the charity of their choice.

The Rare Life Award is sponsored by Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

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Donna and her biggest supporter; her husband Roger - 2014
Emily Torres and Donna Kshir- 2013 March Against Child Abuse
Donna Kshir and Aaron Fisher at the 2013 FFF

Donna Kshir (far right) at The Hilton Safe House taking a stand against Domestic Violence


Donna Kshir and Beth Whitty represent Dreamcatchers at the 2013 FFF

 Sandra Potter and Donna Kshir marching against child abuse - 2013


Team Dreamcatchers - 2013 MACA

 Sandra Potter and Donna Kshir at the 2013 MACA


 The State and Fate of Children - Paso Robles, CA - 2010

 The Paso Robles Film Festival with Country Singer Kelly Kenning - 2010

Donna's Radio Interviews

Donna interviews Bo Budinsky

January 22, 2012 ~ Bo Budinsky

Donna Kshir andd Star Myers sit down one-on-one with Speaker for Male Awareness and Survivors Bo Budinsky.


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January 15, 2012 ~ Mark A. Palmer

Donna Kshir and Star Myers sit down one-on-one with Jessica's Law Now Executive Director Mark A. Palmer


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January 8, 2012 ~ Erin Merryn 

Donna Kshir and Star Myers sat down with Author and Erin's Law, Erin Merryn on Dreamcatchers Talk Radio.


Donna interviews Nickelodeon's Jeff Sutphen

 Donna Kshir and Star Myers sits down one-on-one with Nickelodeon's Jeff Sutphen.